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LGBT Music
Lgbt Music

Released In 1984 This Heartbreaking Ballad Tells

As the LGBT community continues to become more and more accepted in mainstream culture, it's no surprise that music has played a big part in that journey.

From the first openly gay songs of the s to the pop icons of today, the music of the LGBT community has been a powerful force in the movement for acceptance and equality. If you're looking for some tunes to celebrate your identity, here are some of the best LGBT songs ever created.

First up is “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross.

Released in , this upbeat anthem was an instant hit and became an iconic song for the LGBT community. With its catchy chorus and positive message, it serves as a reminder that you can be proud of who you are and show the world who you really are.

Next is “Smalltown Boy” by Bronski Beat.

Released in , this heartbreaking ballad tells the story of a young gay man who is forced to leave his small town after facing violence and discrimination. With its powerful lyrics and emotion-filled vocal performance, this song has become a classic for the LGBT community.

And finally, there’s “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga.

Released in , this uplifting dance-pop song celebrates individuality and self-acceptance. With its empowering lyrics and contagious melody, it’s become an anthem for the LGBT community and a reminder that no matter who you are, you should always be proud of who you are. These are just some of the amazing LGBT songs that have been released over the years, and there are many more out there. So if you’re looking for some music to celebrate your identity, check out our list of the top gay songs here at
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