Monday, 29 May 2023
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Elton John's Gayest Song Is None Other Than His

We all know Elton John is one of the most iconic gay musicians of all time, so it's only natural to wonder: what is Elton John's gayest song?

The answer might surprise you! Elton John's gayest song is none other than his classic hit "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road." The song, which was released in , is widely considered to be one of his most recognizable songs, and it is also often interpreted as being about the struggles of being gay in a straight world. The song also features a line about being "a young man on his own," which some have interpreted as being about Elton's own struggles with his sexuality.

Elton John has become an icon for the LGBT community, and this song is a testament to that.

It's a perfect anthem for anyone who has ever felt like they don't fit in, and it's a reminder that it's okay to be different. So, the next time you’re feeling down, give "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" a listen and remember that you don’t have to conform to anyone else’s expectations. Elton John’s music will always be there to remind us to celebrate our differences.
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